Can you think of a better way to COLLABORATE?
Can you think of a better way to COLLABORATE?

Learn more about Wikis by watching the Video’s Wikis in Plain English

Check out some of my favorite wikis.

This wiki is a great resource for teachers who like to share resources with other teachers. 21st Century Skills for Teachers created by Dr. Debby Brady, Teachers K-12:

Comment on the wikis that I have posted here. Describe the features you like and the ways in which you could use a wiki to facilitate collaboration. Share your reaction to the wiki we created in class today.


5 thoughts on “Wikis

  1. I found all of these wikis to be interesting because I never really had experience with them prior to this class. By using wikis in the classroom, students can be brought together in and out of the class. I noticed that all of the wikis had different pages for varying topics. The different pages allow all students to find a place they feel comfortable communicating. Using a wiki would be a great way to “publish” student work in Language Arts. Each student can have an area on the wiki that he or she can use to display his or her writings. Then, others can visit that place. In class we created a wiki, and each of us listed the items that are on our bucket list. I really believe collaboration is important in the classroom, and one way to foster that is to use wikis.

  2. I have never really used wikis before, but I will definitely be using these in a future class. Wikis are a great way for class collaboration while also giving one the ability to include all students in the class by using wikis. The video posted, as well as the various websites, helped to increase my knowledge of how to use a wiki and how to incorporate it into the classroom in a beneficial way. I really liked the in-class activity last week when we worked in pairs to create a story on our wiki, as well as creating our own bucket list. This is a great way to share things about you and explore a more creative side, while also giving one the ability to go back and edit whenever. I hope to use these wikis in my class because I feel as though it would motivate students more and also be very beneficial to their learning.

  3. After looking at these wikis links, I found that wikis are interesting and can be used for more than just displaying students’ writings and ideas. Some of the wikis seemed to double as classroom homepages/websites for teachers to inform students and parents about upcoming assignments and projects. I think that they could be useful in the classroom however I have never heard of wikis before this class. In class last week we made bucket lists on our classroom wiki. I thought it was an interesting way to share our ideas and bucket lists with each other. I also liked that we were able to create a story via wikis together as partners. I specifically found the “Discovering Utopia” Wiki to be very helpful for my unit plan in which I am using the book, The Giver which is a utopian societal influenced book. I think that creating a wiki will allow for students to use technology, while exploring ideas as well as collaborating with classmates and the teacher.

  4. I have never used wikis before this class. The video posted made it very clear on how to use wikis and the purpose of them. In class last week, we used wikis to create a story with our classmate. After the creation of our story, we could go back and edit them on our own or together and also look at our other classmates’ stories. Wikis can be used in classrooms in numerous ways. The links above showed me multiple ways to use wikis in the future. I plan on using wikis in my future classroom to help with collaborative work. I could assign my students a group project and each of them could post their parts to the wiki page. A neat part of this is that they can edit each others work and/or leave comments to each other about their work. In addition, I could monitor the group work easily, to make sure each student is contributing and leave comments to help them achieve.

  5. I do not have much experience with wikis, but all of the wikis posted were informative and showed me that I should definitely consider using them in a future classroom. Before this class, the only wiki I had used was for ECED 221, but we mostly didn’t use it. I remember setting it up and the professor had the intention of using it, but we never did. I think that it’s important that if I do end up using a wiki in my class, I need to have it prepared and planned so that this does not happen. I really like that there can be multiple authors without too much difficulty in creating accounts and things like this. I could monitor group work by the amount they post and having students sign their posts.

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