NVivo for Dummies

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“NVivo for Dummies” – Stouffer G1

Are you intimidated by qualitative data analysis software like NVivo? Are you hesitant to give up those post-it notes and index cards and shift to a computer based approach? Or do you just not have enough time to attend an NVivo workshop during the school year? Whatever the reason, this hand-on sessions will provide you with an opportunity to upload a data-set (bring a file with text of any kind on a flash drive) into NVivo, engage in very simple coding in a matter of minutes, and generate simple reports. (An introduction to NVivo is offered at 2pm in Stouffer G7. Try to attend both sessions if you can.) THIS IS A HANDS-ON SESSION.

What happened at IUP on December 10?

Video of on campus protest: https://www.facebook.com/TheIndianaGazette/videos/10153796557271974/

IUP and  SGA Presidents’ statement: https://www.indianagazette.com/news/indiana-news/iup-president-sga-president-release-statements-on-racial-tensions,50012201/

Data Set from the Indiana Gazette (please do not use this without permission):

Indiana Gaz full data

Code book (please do not use this without permission):

codes revised