Use Twitter to make your Voice Heard
Use Twitter to make your Voice Heard

Twitter has been demonized by the press. Visit   Understanding Twitter to learn more about this powerful tool that allows us to participate in conversations synchronously and asynchronously with people all over the world.

Twitter can be used as a teaching tool. This article helped me understand some of the ways in which I can use Twitter in my classroom:

Use Twitter to find articles that describe how you can Teach with Twitter. Share some of these great links here and describe some of the developmentally appropriate ways in which you plan on using this powerful tool for teaching.


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  1. I also liked the article about 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom, found at It lists a variety of ways that one can incorporate twitter usage with in-class assignments, out of class assignments, and even greater access to one’s community and the world. Twitter is a great way to get students motivated, because they are intrigued by the use of technology, and have the ability to make many connections inside and outside the classroom.

  2. I could not actually find anything using the Twitter platform about using Twitter in an elementary classroom, so instead I used google. However, I did find this excellent article about incorporating this social media platform in the primary grades! (

    Because elementary students are not old enough to make and maintain a twitter account, the teacher instead creates a classroom account. All students in the class would have access to the account and can tweet with permission. The students then put their first (NOT LAST!) names with their tweets to take responsibility for their thoughts and opinions. It’s an online grand conversation.

    It can also be used across the school. For example, a 2nd grade math class is struggling on one particular word problem. As a class, they agree to take a picture of the word problem and tweet it to a 3rd or 4th grade math class in the same school building, asking for help! The older class mulls it over and agrees upon the tweet that they send back to the 2nd graders. As a class, they decide whether to give the answer, give a hint, or simply point the 2nd graders in the right direction. All of this, of course, is facilitated and monitored by the teachers. The 2nd grade teacher can even send the 4th grade teacher a heads up to check the twitter account for new tweets!

  3. I found an article about 60 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom, at This website shows many ways to use Twitter for educational purposes. I think that twitter providing instant feedback for students is a key part of using Twitter in the classrooms. Another thing from the article that I could use in my classroom is using Twitter to gather real-world data for statistical reports in a mathematics classroom. I found this article from This blog was a great support in using Twitter in the classroom and it was very informative to see what other educators have posted.

  4. I found interesting articles related to teaching with twitter after researching on twitter itself. One article I found was (, which I found helpful in explaining why twitter is important to use in the classroom, because a lot of teachers are apprehensive to using twitter.
    Another website/PDF/Blog-post I found was ( This link is so interesting because it gives ten ideas on how to actually use twitter in the classroom. The ideas are so fresh and new; I found them especially helpful because an educator very easily adapt their lessons with twitter for students with various kinds of abilities.

    I look forward to researching farther into twitter and how I will use it in my future classroom! Such a helpful assignment and tool!!

  5. While on Twitter, I searched for articles that related to using Twitter in the classroom as a teaching aid. Although I found many resources, I found two that I believe to be especially useful. The first article is “Teaching with Twitter.” This article has a compiled list of ways this social media site can be used in academics, such as Twitter Pals or creating a Twit Board. Another article I located is not just for Twitter, but other social media websites as well. The article is “A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom.” This article addresses why social media should be taught with in school and many ways it can be incorporated. I believe using social media with students is a great way to advocate collaborative learning in the 21st century. Students are already exposed to social media, so why not incorporate something they already know to teach a subject they may not know.

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