Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Peer Reviewed Journals

 Wang, P., & Machado, C. (2015). Meeting the needs of Chinese English language learners at  writing centers in America: A proposed culturally responsive model. Journal of International Students. 5(2), 143-160

Machado, C., & Laverick, D. M. (2015). Technology integration in K-12 classrooms: The impact of graduate coursework on teachers’ knowledge and practice. The Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 23(1), 79-106.

Machado, C., & Jiang, Y. (2014). Using Twitter to heighten student engagement, critical thinking and reflective practice within and beyond the classroom. Teacher  Education and Practice, 27(4), 577-590.

Machado, C. (2012, July). ISLLC/ELCC Standards implementation: Do Educational Administration faculty practice what they preach? International Journal for Educat ional Leadership Preparation, 7(2).

Machado, C. (2011, March).  Gender differences in student discourse on discussion boards and blogs: An instructor’s quest to create a level playing field. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 10(1), 36-48.

Machado, C. (2010, October).  The use of blogs and discussion boards to promote reflective practice and critical thinking in aspiring school leaders. Journal of European Teacher Education Network, 5, 5-17.

Machado, C. (2010, February).  Faculty perceptions: Where do education administration programs stand with the ISLLC/ELCC Standards. Educational Leadership review, 11(1), 10-17.


Peer-Reviewed Handbooks and Book Chapters


Machado, C & Smith, J. A. (2015). The American educational experiences in a predominantly white community: Perspectives of international students. In J. A. Aiken, L. Flash, W. Heading Grant, F.  Miller (Eds.), Theory to Practice: Fostering Diverse and Inclusive Campus Environments, (pp. 149-164). Radford, VA: NCPEA Publications.

Machado, C. (2014). Open young minds and hearts: Employ technology-infused critical pedagogy in hybrid border spaces. In K. Heider & M. R. Jalongo (Eds.), Young Children and Families in the Information Age, (pp.77-99). Educating the Young Child Series. New York, NY: Springer.

Machado, C. (2011, September). Engaging and challenging all students with a rigorous curriculum. In S. Rieg & K. R. Paquette (Eds.), Striving for the “Perfect” Classroom Part II: Teachers’ Responsibilities Beyond Instruction and Assessment. Hauppauge, NY:Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Machado, C., & Cline, D. H. (2008, August). The process of ISLLC/ELCC standard  implementation in school leadership preparation programs. The 2008 NCPEA Yearbook. National Council for Professors of Education Administration. NCPEA Publications.


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