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Gorsky’s Diversity Survey was used to explore pre-service and in-service teachers’ knowlege about diversity issues in the US. What does this data suggest? Where are the gaps? What can we do to bridge these gaps and provide our students with culturally resposive instruction?


6 thoughts on “Now What….

  1. I believe teachers and future teachers most definitely should have a grasp on the national statistics about diversity. I believe this is very important because it gives us as teachers an understanding of our students. We will better understand the culture and background in which the students come from.

  2. There is a large gap between “aware” and “unaware” of these issues. Instead of ignoring the not-so-pleasant realities, we need to face them and educate others. 80% of people said they have experience with people of diverse backgrounds but the majority are unaware of common issues these people face. While I do not believe that we should shock and mortify our students with these facts and statistics, we need to find a way to expose our students to reality…but gently.

  3. For me, this is very surprising information. I believe it is sad that this many people are unaware of these facts on drugs, money, and minorities. The positive about this study is that the majority of people have had experience with diverse backgrounds and they have been positive. Even though people may be unaware of some of these facts, our society is becoming more accepting of diversity, in my opinion. I do believe though teachers should teach more culturally responsive instructions so everyone, including teachers, become more aware of these facts.

  4. To me, the data suggests a lack of awareness. To bridge the gaps and provide students with culturally responsive instruction, we need to have open, safe dialogue with students. We need to learn about each of our students for everyone’s benefit.

  5. I remember taking this survey and some of the questions really surprised me. I remember not wanting to choose and answer because none of them we good answers. I truly feel more educated in diversity and I can now see how little teachers know about it. I find it very important that teachers take the time to learn about diversity. Without taking the time to learn how can we truly say we teach all students equal and fair. Just because one student understands how to complete a particular math problem, doesn’t mean another will be able to complete the same problem. If both students can complete the problems, they probably used different methods to do so. This is not the only experience of diversity teachers will experience. This is why it is so crucial that teachers know about diversity and how to handle it in a classroom and within their school.

  6. The data suggests that many individuals are unaware of the facts related to diversity issues as well as money spent and earnings made in our country. There is a very large gap in the awareness of drug related information as well as government related spendings. In order to bridge these gaps, it would be beneficial to incorporate these facts into the various lessons we teach our students. For example, for a social studies class one might incorporate information of government related issues to make students more aware. Incorporating diversity in the classroom is important because it can help make those unaware more aware of the various facts and statistics that surround out world today.

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