Wikis (Google Sites) and the Globally Connected Teacher


  1. Describe your experience with wiki’s (Google Sites) and the two activities (bucket list and ABC story) that we did in class today. To what extent were you engaged in higher level thinking? Which level of the SAMR model did this technology target?
  2. How can you use wikis (google sites) and activities like the ones we did today to enact some of the ideas recommended by Jacob in Chapter 2The Globally Connected Educator: Talking to the World – not just about the World and Solomon and Schrum in chapter 8 on wikis and chapter 9 on the future of the web.

14 thoughts on “Wikis (Google Sites) and the Globally Connected Teacher

  1. 1. Describe your experience with wiki’s (Google Sites) and the two activities (bucket list and ABC story) that we did in class today. To what extent where you engaged in higher level thinking? Which level of the SAMR model did this technology target?
    A.) I really had no experience with the wiki’s or Google sites until class. I had so much fun learning something different. It was exciting to see that I was not the only person in the class that was not exposed to some of this technology. Working on the ABC story was so much fun. 4 people from 4 different countries came together and came up with a story line that was awesome. Working with everybody in the class is so much of a privilege.

    2. How can you use wikis (google sites) and activities like the ones we did today to enact some of the ideas recommended by Jacob in Chapter 2The Globally Connected Educator: Talking to the World – not just about the World and Solomon and Schrum in chapter 8 on wikis and chapter 9 on the future of the web.
    A.) Well, I am just going to get my students involved into this as well as get involved in with my students. I can interact any of these activities into any lesson. This would particular help students whom are absent for the day as well to participate.

  2. The activities with Google Sites and ABC story were quite a novel experience for me. And apart from fun it also gave me food for thought that how we can integrate such type of activities in our actual classroom experience. The youtube tutorial on the topic also helped me to get in-depth knowledge of the Sites and its functions. It was quite easy to create and manage for different activities in the classroom. ABC story activities works wonder with language classes as it provides a platform for creativity and collaboration with groups. It is a powerful medium of integrating and inculcating four Cs in the classroom.As for the SAMR level is concerned I feel that for me it has achieved the Modification level. But it certainly has the potential of touching Reflective level.

    Jacob,s article further enhanced my understanding of the Wikis world and their relevance in connecting with the world educators. Google Sites are not only a tool for engaging students in creative and collaborative activities, these are also an important medium for teachers to develop professionally as they provide ample scope for connecting with world educators. These Sites can be best utilised for collaborating and connecting global schools on the lines of the flat classroom. I feel that I can make use of these tools to give a global dimension to my classroom and provide my students an opportunity to be the part of the flat classroom.

    The tools and apps discussed in the above chapters are new to me and my classroom set up. But they are immensely useful to make the learning process fun. When supplemented with traditional classroom tools they have potential to make teaching and learning an engrossing experience. The various teachers have shown their experience of integrating these tools into their teaching practices. One thing I am really excited about is to use these tools for administrative purposes by administrators in the schools. This is really exciting and I am really looking forward to its use as I also expect an administrative assignment in near future.

  3. Today, I experienced new ways of learning and teaching with the wiki’s and the two activities in class. Not only were they instructive but also entertaining. They also enhance the 4 Cs among the learners and we were engaged in higher order thinking in enhancing our critical thinking and creativity skills. We really saw them as powerful media to educate and entertain the learners or students. Today’s students learn more from games than they do with the old textbooks and instructions. I think that the levels of Addition and Redefinition were achieved in the regard that teachers should include instructional technology in their teachings to engage and motivate students in an interactive classroom.
    In fact, we can use the wikis and activities both in our classroom with students and but also in our cell with the colleagues for professional development. The 21st century is the era of flat classroom, teachers should go beyond the four walls of their classroom, beyond the borders of their countries, beyond the cultural boundaries to bring the world to their students. Thus, promoting the idea of teachers for global classrooms (TGC). Back home I will use these media to connect my classroom with classrooms overseas to assess my students on a global level since nowadays we are not preparing students for a particular country but we are preparing global citizens. I know that first it will be very hard to implement these new idea and perspectives of teaching in countries like ours due to a lack of resources but we will give it a try on a personal level.

  4. Google sites are a great tool to use in my opinion whether its interacting with students, peers, or parents. The internet allows for an endless amount of connections and networking to happen. I personally like to use google sites the most with connecting with other teachers, simply for the reason that my teaching experience is with PreK. However, I recently realized that i could begin to use different google sites to help keep my parents involved and included in learning and planning that happens throughout the classroom. I love to connect with other teachers around the world and share ideas and thoughts from different locations and cultures.
    The bucket list and ABC story were fun activtiies to complete in class but I would never use them in my own classroom because in my opinion they are too advanced for what my students could complete. But it was cool to compare peers ideas and thoughts on the same website which made it easy to share and explore. This allows for modification in my opinion because technology allows for lists to be created instead of simply using pencil and paper. The use of technology also allowed for creativity to be involved.

  5. My experience with wiki’s is very exciting because I learned another technology that I could use in my class in the future. Google sites are very easy and friendly to use. Features seem to be flexible because you can add pages, you can have announcements, can edit or remove pages and you can create your own design or your theme. Bucket lists were interesting because you can allow students to do that and discover what they think of their future. You can use bucket list for short term activities in class or a quarter plan. Then check it at the end of every quarter if they have achieved it. The ABC story demands so much time to think of the best plot for our story. Thus, it demands a very creative thinking to plan all parts of the story like the introduction, the body of the story, climax and the conclusion. Higher level thinking skills here is being honed. I believe with the use of technology we were able to substitute instruction instead of the usual way. Modification because we modify a little bit and change the process in giving it. Augmentation in the sense that we augment the learning process of the students by engaging in the technology to learn and think creatively.

    All these apps are very new to me. These tools are very essential in collaborating and getting connected across the globe. I believe that we will be there in the future. My home country is a little delayed but that would be the direction in the future of our classrooms. This would be fun and enriching collaborating, communicating, enhancing uniqueness and creativity of our classroom and sharing it with people around the world. We will learn at the same time they will learn from us. Distance would not hamper anymore the process of learning because it lies within our fingertips.

  6. The idea of collaborating with each other through google sites is amazing! You can actually involve people who are not physically present. The implication of this to education is that students who can’t travel to school because of distance is not anymore a problem. Over-aged students may continue schooling if they are ashamed to attend the face-to-face classroom set-up. From the activities we did, I think we were able to cover the levels of the SAMR Model. Substitution was achieved when we used the google site to write our ideas instead of using pen and paper. Augmentation was used when we were asked to view each others’ work instead of showing our paper to each one of us. Modification was achieved when we made our bucket list more creative by changing themes, fonts, etc. Redefinition was achieved when we were given the freedom to incorporate videos and pictures in our bucket lists, and we easily did that by using search engines. The only downside of this is when we work with others and they will accidentally delete or change our work.
    Wikis are great tools to help teachers become globally connected. They raise the global awareness not only of the teachers but also the learners. For example, in reading class, I can make my students share the moral of the story to other students. The moral of the story might be something universal or it may also be different based from the context of students from different parts of the world. It also develops teachers’ competence with contemporary tools. This can be possible through self studying using the web or by collaborating with other educators. Wikis can also allow us to build our personal learning networks, again through collaborating and communicating with students and other professionals. It may also allow us to amplify our curriculum when we open our classroom to the world or when we bring the world to our classroom.

  7. For me, the use of wiki’s or Google sites is a new experience, I have never used before or hear about this method, but I appreciated very much which I think it will help me to vary in activities in class with My students and with my colleagues too. In my opinion it belongs to the modification as much as level of SAMR because the technology allows a significant reconfiguration of the task.
    However, regarding ABC story, I enjoyed it, it was fun and could be used in class as an activity of evaluation or assessment to measure the level of learning of the students especially at the end of a long unity in science which it is necessary to keep The sequence of the process of several phenomena.
    On the other hand, the bucket lists was a great tool, it can be useful but I’m not sure to do it with my students, maybe because I didn’t have a clear ideas how to use it in my subject area!!

  8. Personally, the use of wiki’s and google sites was a new experience, a new field to discover and also an innovative playground to walk into. I enjoyed it to the maximum, and I believe that it opens various doors of creativity for students. The use of ABC story and the bucket list were much fun to me, and they were also highly engaging and entertaining. Actually, I think that the two activities are two fabulous to integrate the 4 Cs in our classrooms as you can easily sense their presence. As far as the SAMR model is concerned I strongly believe that we reached the Modification level.
    It is mostly believed that the 21st-century era is a time for flat classrooms where teachers of different disciplines should get rid of their chains and go beyond the limits they decided to besiege themselves with.It is a time of openness on diversity, flexibility, and innovation; it is an era where teachers are blessed with variety of choices in technology; choices that they should make use of to bring change to their classrooms, and to help their students discover, live, and experience newness in its multiple meanings and nuances. I am personally excited to use the different tools I keep learning here at the US back home; I am excited to share this knowledge with my students, I feel mostly lucky to be the one who might open their eyes on various horizons.

  9. My experience with Wiki site has really opened my eyes on the untapped potentials of this web page. During the Bucket list activity, everyone of us were pretty much given the freedom to design our own list creatively and later it was shown to others. Although no collaboration was involved, everyone gave their best in making the most attractive bucket list. Meanwhile during the ABC activities, everyone got to collaborate and put in their thoughts and creativity. In SAMR model, I believe that it is a modification level where peer edit is done using a particular platform. From our group stand view, we agreed on a particular theme, which is romance. Along the collaboration process, we disagreed in some parts the process of coming up with an ABC story- but this is only because we wanted to have the best story line. Regardless of our differences, we worked and collaborated by respecting each other’s ideas and started seeing things from different perspectives. Similarly, we can apply these activities in our classroom with students. Like the bucket list and ABC activities, students will be given freedom to make their own personal site and later to collaborate on certain page in groups. By doing this activity which is monitored by teachers, students will do their best and take accountability of their own posts.

    I believe Wikis have the potential to improve its feature in the future . As a teacher, I should start thinking about having my students collaborate with students from other countries from my ILEP program. Not only that, this is the best platform for me and my other Professional Development Module group to collaborate on a certain teaching techniques that we learn in IUP to be tested and applied in our own respective countries. This kind of flat classroom project will not only benefit our students but also teachers as we can build a larger professional networking among fellow educators around the globe.

  10. To bring the world to our classroom is really exciting. The experience with Google sites was another special chance to see how we can involve ourselves, our students, the school community using collaborative tools and have every one sharing ideas, knowledge, culture, aspirations and much more. At the beginning I didn’t understand how to use the bucket list in my classroom, but later, I realized that as a language teacher, it allows me developing my students writing, reading, speaking, it will depend on the way I guide a lesson for example. The ABC… story was amazing!! when we got together and started typing we had no idea about what would be the end, but working together we could lead a nice story and ended up in a happy end. Actually, after each class, we are getting more and more aware of our responsibility to become globally connected educators. First of all, we, teachers, have to be committed with this approaches otherwise, we will not be able to open the world for our students.

  11. 1. The bucket list was really a great experience. I was given a focus, that is create a bucket list and that was all I was given. I had complete freedom in how I wanted to present my bucket list! The only thing that I wish I had was more time to complete it and made it nicer. The ABC story, we had so much fun trying to find words that start with the given letter and it was amazing how everyone contributed to the story and it turned out really entertaining to our classmates! We had a fun group too! I would say I was very much engaged in higher level thinking especially in the ABC story! We had to make sure each sentence flow and even though we were writing a horror story, we wanted the story to have a happy ending, at the same time we need to find words start with the letter given! We have to make full use of the resources we have, the English teachers in our group and also the internet of course! For bucket list, I am not sure if that was higher level thinking but it sure was very reflective! I engaged in a lot of deep personal reflection as in what I really wanted to achieve in life! If I was given more time, my bucket list might have looked different! I was surprised that some of my childhood dream still matters and I wanted to make sure I put that on the bucket list! I got to know myself a little more after the activity, I think it did engage me in higher level thinking after all. I think both tasks did reach level R in SAMR, i.e the redefinition! The freedom we have in creating our product and how creativity is encouraged with an easy to use tool (Google site) was not possible without technology! It would have taken us hours and maybe days to come up with a piece equally beautiful! Also, with the invitation to edit, we can even peer assess and edit each other’s work! That is amazing, it has definitely gone to the redefinition level! Passing papers around to have our friends proof read our writings would have taken forever but with wiki’s we could have done that easily and multiple readers can be reading my writing simultaneously!

    2. I am really excited to bring this back to my classroom. I already have in my mind, when I am teaching Chapter two in science about nutrition and digestive system, I would have my student create a google site in group, of a poster or a promotion page of a restaurant that they will be opening! I would want them to design their menu that is healthy and present a balanced diet according to the knowledge they have obtained from different classes of food! Also, I will need them to choose a country other than Malaysia so they will need to research about the food of the chosen country and then find the nutritious value in the local food and then design their menus accordingly! I might not be able to bring my students around the world to introduce to them the different food from different culture, but I can bring the world to them in my classroom.

    For the second half of the chapter regarding digestive system, I will assign each group an organ in digestive system and have them create a poster on the assigned organ. As a class we will discuss the journey of “food” in their bodies! Each group tell the stories of what happen in that particular “location” (the organ) in that journey. I previously did this by having each group design a poster and have them come up according to the right order, i.e mouth followed by esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine etc. It was very time consuming for them to find the images and draw the organs and I could only display their product in our class. Students do not get to keep a copy of their own posters or another group posters. With Google site, I can easily pull out their product as they present and everyone in the class will have a copy of all the posters! Another reason I have for saying that it has reached the “redefinition’ level in SAMR!

  12. 1. In my opinion, google sites are a wonderful tool to communicate with students, parents and community. Using just one free site we can develop a platform that may help us to dispense information to people that too without any recurring or non-recurring cost.
    Bucket-list is a wonderful activity that helped me as an individual to accumulate my personal dreams and goals so that I can keep a vigil on what has been done and what is yet to be done. It helps to plan how to attain the pending goals.
    Moreover, ABC story was very helpful as it helped me as an individual to think creatively and also got a chance to learn how to collaborate with other group members so as to complete the assigned task in the most beautiful manner.

  13. I started using the google sites when I was in High School. It is a great way to get students working with technology. I think integrating these types of techniques into our classroom is crucial. Parents will want to know what their student is doing in class and Wikis/other Google sites are a great way to do that. I also think this could be a great way for teachers to be in touch with other teachers. If you post your lesson plans or blog posts it would open up a huge realm for teacher interaction. I think the bucket list and ABC story would be a great activity for a middle school classroom. I could see how some teachers who are working with younger children would stray away–but I think this would be really fun to use with a Middle school group. Any use of technology will increase creativity in the classroom.

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