MIDL321 Discussion Questions

Use this forum to share  the two discussion questions you brought in to class today, that were related to (1) The Globally Connected Educator- Beyond Plugging In Towards Global Pedagogy SlideShare and (2) Solomon and Schrum’s chapter 8 on wikis and chapter 9 on the future of the web.


7 thoughts on “MIDL321 Discussion Questions

  1. Hi, on page 147, one of the tips to use Wikis is to create a culture of trust in the class.
    1.How do we create this culture especially when it involves Wikis projects?
    2. Do we foster the same culture when we use the SAMR models in integrating technology in the classroom?

  2. Both of my discussion questions were taken from Chapter 9 regarding the future of the web.
    1) Do you think that new web technology will allow for more or less communication and collaboration amongst students in the classroom?
    2) Do you think that “schooling from the cloud” is reasonable, beneficial, and safe in the classroom? Why or why not?

  3. My questions came about from the wiki chapter and the information about online learning.
    1. At what age do you think it is appropriate to begin using wikis in the classroom?
    2. How can we be sure students will always be on task?
    3. Are there any ways in which we can INCREASE communication in the event of online learning and in using technology?

  4. My first discussion questions was from chapter 9.
    1. How can we stay technologically connected in our classrooms in the future? What methods/steps can we take to stay up to date with technology?
    My second question was from chapter 8.
    2. Have you ever made a wiki and if you did what was it about? Was it helpful to others? If you have not created a wiki before, how would you incorporate it into your classroom?

  5. I had two questions regarding the use of technology and wikis.
    1. How can you ensure the students are appropriate and responsible when creating wikis. These are things that other students are able to view, so you wouldn’t want them posting inaccurate, inappropriate, etc. information. How can teachers be certain the students are behaving themselves online?
    2. When using wikis and technology in general to communicate between students, teachers, peers, etc. where do the lines need to be drawn to avoid any conflicts or problems? Now it is so normal to interact with others, how do we get students to understand boundaries?

  6. My questions came from chapter 9.
    The question I was most interested in was whether we should be concerned when relying on peer evaluations because some children can be very critical?
    My second question was: How can we limit the chances of one learner taking the ideas and work of another learner?

  7. Question 1: What should we teach and how much time should be allocated to the teaching of knowledge such as plagiarism of materials, usage rights of pictures, etc. before students begin working on a wiki?
    Question 2: Since the materials will be viewed online and might reveal some personal information, how do we protect the students from being a victim of online predators?

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