MIDL321 Timetoast/Timelines


Timelines can be used to present information in an interesting way with the help of images. Think about the ways in which you can use timelines as part of direct instruction, informal instruction, structured discovery or performance based learning. In your post include:

  • A couple of (2-3) timelines that you found at Timetoast.com, that you can use, as is, to teach a content area/topic.
  • A  timeline that you can use in your class to introduce yourself, a concept and/or topic.

Explain how you will use the above in a variety of ways to promote critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.  Reflect on the appropriateness of using timelines for research purposes and/or assessment.


12 thoughts on “MIDL321 Timetoast/Timelines

  1. Learning to use Timetoast has been interesting. I never knew there was a website in which you could create and find different timelines to use in education. I was not able to find too many math timelines on the site, but I found other interesting ones that I could use in the classroom. I would use some of the different science and history timelines in the classroom. I am currently working on an immigration/ Ellis Island project and found a timeline that could be beneficial in my teaching and the students learning. Timetoast would be very helpful in using the 4 C’s, mostly in creation. Students would need to critically think about the dates and information they need to put on their timeline. They would also need to be creative and add pictures and information about events. Timetoast allows for collaboration when creating a timeline, which can allow students to work together and while working together the students will use their communication skills. Students’ communication skills can also be utilized and seen in their timeline, they are communicating information through their timeline. Teachers could also use this website to create timelines to share with this class. I created one that is all about me that I can share with my students and their parents at the beginning of the year so they know some of my background. It can be found here: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/about-me-c6b2b7eb-ea8a-4a41-9111-b98f28b876ee

  2. I love using Timetoast. In fact, I had used this website in my 11th grade world cultures class in order to create a time line of Ghondi’s life. I think this website could be beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only can students make their own timelines to express important events, but they can also access timelines that were made by others. I decided to make my timeline about myself. I can use this in my future classroom to introduce myself to my students as well their parents. All in all, I think the Timetoast provides a lot of good opportunities to be creative in the classroom.http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/my-life-db426c91-beb8-40ec-8016-a8640535b728

  3. Time toast is the easiest website i have seen,i love how it can simplify presentation of different timelines,i will definitely use it my classroom to present historical information.
    I will also use it to introduce my self to my learners and talk about myself in short period of time.
    i have come across many public timelines that i can use for teaching my learners the history and computer generations,I have also created one timeline about the evolution of computers which i will be using in class when i go back home.
    Creating timelines improves creativity of the learners as the have to look for appropriate pictures to fit a given even and to make it real and interesting,you have to use alot of creativity in selecting the pictures,critical thinking is also improved through creating various events,students are also encouraged to collaborate as sometimes they need to use public or other students timelines to create their own.
    Research is encouraged especially when determining the various years in which events occurred.
    I have attached the timeline I created on the History and evolution of computers here.http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/history-of-computers-3f617a04-0b07-4a84-aef0-0edf2b206bc5
    These are timelines that I found at Time toast.com, that I can use to teach:http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/technology-timeline-1990-2013

  4. Useful timelines I could use (with links):

    This timeline is called My Math Reflections. The point of this timeline is for students to reflect on what they have learned in class that day. I like this timeline because it forces students to think critically about what they learned and explain why it is important to know the concept. I could definitely use this in my future classroom in order to make my students become responsible for their own learning. It also allows students to put the lesson into their own words, which allows for creativity. This is a great way to assess student learning as well as monitor their progress.

    This timeline is called History of Mathematics Education. There are several dates, which are followed by explanations about what math discovery was founded on that particular date. This would be a good timeline to share with my students to serve as an example for them to create one on their own. This is a good way to use a timeline for research purposes. It is easy to read and students are able to go in and add/make changes to their findings. Many times it’s hard to find math research projects for students to complete, but I think this would be a way to make this research project fun and exciting. Choosing their own pictures to upload into the timeline will allow them to be creative as well as think critically. For example, if they choose to include the date for when the Pythagorean theorem was discovered, they would have to know what it was in order to add an appropriate picture. Collaboration and communication would be used at the end of the research project when the students present their findings to the class.

    My timeline:
    I created an All About Me timeline. The purpose of my timeline is to introduce myself to my students and allow them to get to know me, as their teacher, a little better. After I show my students the timeline I created, I would give them time to make one for themselves allowing the students to introduce themselves to the class as well as myself. This will allow me to get to know my students more personally as well as get a sense of their life outside of the classroom. I believe it is extremely important to get to know your students on a more personal level than just teaching them content. Some students may not want to tell you a lot about their personal lives, but giving them the opportunity to do so shows that you care about more than just their education. This is a good way to collaborate/communicate with students. It also gives the students time to reflect on their life thus far and choose the most important events that have shaped them.

  5. This is my first experience working with Timetoast; what a great classroom resource! I like the fact that I’m able to search for timelines that have been made previously, but if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for, I can just make my own. I was able to find several different timelines that I could utilize within my classroom. For example, I found a “William Shakespeare’s Life” timeline that would accompany a Shakespeare unit perfectly. Additionally, I was able to locate “Anne Frank: Live Events,” which would be a great accessory for a unit on the Diary of Anne Frank. I’m currently working on a social studies unit centered on The Dust Bowl; Timetoast has many different timelines that are focused on The Dust Bowl, which all could be very useful classroom resources. I think Timetoast could be useful in utilizing the 4Cs in the classroom for several reasons. For example, students would need to think critically about the dates they wish to include in their timelines. They would also need to use an aspect of creativity to make their timeline visually appealing. Communication could also be utilized when making a Timetoast timeline; for example, students could present their timeline to the class. I created a timeline that outlines my love for The Beatles; it includes things such as the first songs I listened to and the first tribute concert I attended. I could use this in my classroom to not only introduce myself, but I could also have my students make a timeline focused on a unique hobby or liking of their own to introduce themselves to the class. Here is the link to my Beatles timeline:


    1. https://www.timetoast.com/timelines/my-life-c5ceaf4a-1e9b-411f-8c95-adbf7ce0d503
      This time line was created by Angiem and I can use it to teach the concept of planning. Using this timeline ,the students can be driven to think about why different activities were done at a given time period.the students can discuss about how important it was for this person to have such a plan.they can also predict the future trend of this person basing on the previous trend of life.This session will call for critical thinking,collaboration and communication.On creativity, the students. To encourage creativity, the students can reflect on this timeline, analyse its strengths and weaknesses and create/ make their projected timeline for a given period of time.

  6. (3 timelines I discovered)



    (My timeline)

    The timelines allow us to be extremely effective in how we teach when we decide to utilize the technological advancements given to us today. The timelines allow us to use the 4 C’s because first off, we are able to share the information with our peers at the ease of a copy and paste. Next, the middle different features of the timeline allow us to be as creative with our timelines while still keeping the information relevant. Finally, the entire set of information forces the students to utilize critical thinking

  7. I have found these 3 timelines interesting because there is a topic on Science and Technology in the Malaysian English syllabus.
    I will most probably use timelines when I teach students comprehension. Some students might be visual learners and having a timeline as an accompaniment to the passage given will be useful to them. I could also give students a passage and ask them to summarize the what they have read. In my Literature lesson, I could group students and provide each group the beginning and ending to a short story they are reading. They will have to come up with key events in the story and then, present their timelines to the class. As there is also a topic on Famous Personalities, I could ask the students to research on a famous local historical figure and have them do timelines and present during the National Day celebration at school and/or attach a link to the school’s VLE site. I believe that using timelines in class will promote critical thinking as students have to digest a lot of information and choose the information that they feel is important in the timeline. Once information is selected, students have to present the information succinctly so that the audience can understand them well. If a student is working with another student on a timeline, then, there will be some degree of collaboration. There will be opportunities for students to learn to be responsible for the task given and to put aside their differences while they work on a project together. Last but not least, this task requires students to be creative, evaluating and refining the timeline that they have created so that it will appeal and be understood by an international audience.
    I have also created an educational and professional timeline.

  8. Using timeline to teach looks very interesting. before my last weeks class i never knew there existed such an application that would make the teachers work easy. It is very relevant in teaching topics in economics which are chronlogical in nature. such topics may include and not limited to ecnomic growth trends year by year and even economic events.
    This application allows a lot of interaction between students and the teacher. Students can create and post time lines, discuss timelines, identify missing events in the timelines and generally share amongst themselves. All these activities go a long in promoting the 4cs among the students. Teachers can as well post their own timelines. Attached is an example of a time line done by me to share my personal experiences in school….


  9. Although I am an English Ed major, science is something I have a lot of interest in (not necessarily knowledge, just interest!). As I was browsing Timetoast, I found a lot of useful science timelines that help give an understanding of how science has progressed throughout the years. These are two timelines I found particularly useful. If I were to be teaching a science class, it is very important to know who made what discoveries/breakthroughs to have an idea how things have happened in the past and how science has evolved. These are very basic yet informative. I would present them to the class and have them do some research about each individual event on the timeline to help them understand the background of science.



    This is the link to the beginning of my timeline that I would use to introduce myself to my students in the future. It is not very far along but over time I will have it filled to give a detailed recollection of events in my life that would help my students get to know me.


  10. Hello, I would like to share my timeline, http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/1210026.
    This is one of the timelines that I would use to plan and supplement my lessons starting from May 2016. This timeline include links to videos, websites and worksheets which help promote student centered lessons.
    While using Timetoast to create the timeline, I realize that I can use it for different purposes such as:
    1. to plan my lessons for different grades ahead of time.
    2. to compile a list of videos, pictures & worksheets and group these materials according to specific lessons for specific grades.
    3. a quick introduction about myself for any session.
    4.a table of content for any lesson content or course content to participants.
    5.an interactive list of resources for my downloadable printables.

    I would like to share 2 timelines for different reasons:
    – This timeline is useful as an introduction for a Professional Development session which deals with Methodologies in TESL.

    2. https://www.timetoast.com/timelines/33281
    This timeline is about the life of Hellen Keller, a famous author. This is an excellent stimulus for my writing lesson.

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