MIDL321 Pinterest

teaching with pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, as demonstrated in class today.  Use this forum to to share a link to a Pinterest page you created – one that you will use in your own classroom to teach a content area/topic.

For example:

  1. Will you create a board to introduce yourself to your students? (e.g. my Know thy Self board)
  2. Will  you create a board and share it with your students to supplement a lecture? (e.g. my diversity board)
  3. Will you create one board for collaboration and invite all your students to it? (e.g my ebook board, theory board, lesson openings and closings)
  4. Will you create  group boards and require students to add to that board? (e.g. my students’ global exploration boards)

Be sure to mention if it is being used for direct instruction (teacher centered) or if it is student centered and promotes all or some of the 4 cs. Clearly explain how.


17 thoughts on “MIDL321 Pinterest

  1. Personally, I think Pinterest is going to be something I use for myself when preparing works for my students and my classroom. I am going to be certified in Middle School Mathematics and at that age I don’t think it would be appropriate to make students sign on to a social media sight. Some parents are not comfortable with having younger kids do this. I would consider having an About Me board that parents could be invited to, to introduce myself and give them ideas of my life and teaching style. If I had all the parents’ permission to have their student work on Pinterest, I would consider creating a board students could participate in and invite them to collaborate there. My Pinterest is going to be more teacher centered for my use. Pinterest gives you the ability to incorporate most, if not all of the 4 C’s. Collaboration comes from the ideas you can give, and receive from the website. Communication can be used between yourself and others on the site to talk about how an activity or lesson works (there is a chat feature on Pinterest). Creativity is something that is seen all over Pinterest. There are ideas everywhere on things such as organizing your classroom to fun activities to share with students. Critical thinking is the other C that you may or may not use on Pinterest. You would critically think about whether the activity or lesson is beneficial to you, or how you could adapt it for your classroom. However, most activities are already out there with everything you need critical thinking is not always necessary. I believe Pinterest can be very beneficial to teachers and has many features that can be utilized, I am looking forward to further exploring all its options.

  2. I made a board called Middle School Math – Multiplying Decimals. This particular board will be for the teacher’s use only (direct instruction). There are different ideas about how to teach multiplying decimals as well as review worksheets and pre-made quizzes. I found and included two videos from YouTube. One video is a group of student’s rapping/singing about decimals, which I would show to my students in class. I always enjoyed when my teachers showed me songs with a catchy tune that had to do with the topic we were covering and it always made the concept easier to remember.

    When considering the 4 C’s, I think the majority of my pins are definitely using all of them: creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. I have different activities and project ideas, many of which involve students working together, being creative with their final productions and thinking critically about what they have learned.

    In the future, I will definitely make boards on Pinterest to be student centered and see what my students come up with as well. I believe the more students are involved in their own learning, the more they are able to learn and actually retain the information.

    Here is the link to my board:

  3. I created a board called The Dust Bowl – A Lesson for 6th Grade Social Studies, which will utilize both direct instruction and student-centered instruction. I have included several different documentaries, video clips, photographs, worksheets, and lesson ideas on this particular board. Additionally, much of the information and several of the resources on the board could be utilized in other subject areas, such as Science or English/Language Arts, wish is demonstrated through soil layer worksheet.

    Many of the posts in this board use each of the 4Cs; most of the activities and worksheets use creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. While the video clips and documentary videos may not include each of the 4Cs themselves, I could supplement group work or discussion to utilize communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

    Considering there are so many great ideas to be shared and utilized in the classroom, I plan to use Pinterest throughout the duration of my career. With this particular board, I would start off by using it for my own instruction, or direct instruction, but after moving through the unit, I feel that I could give my students access to this board to engage in the interactive activities and videos. Other boards I create may be strictly teacher centered, or, in contrast, strictly student centered. What a wonderful resource!

  4. I will definitely use Pinterest in my class when I go back home because its really good and easy to use,I will use it to introduce my self to new learners especially form one.

    as a computer studies teacher I created my Board called storage devices a lesson in form three. I have put various pictures of storage devices in the various categories such that the learner can easily identify a device and its category.

    My board is student centered because it gives the learner an opportunity to identify the devices himself.
    Its a group board therefore allows the learners to add to the board after doing there own research,therefore it is student centered.

    When it comes to the 4C’S,I tried to make sure that at least the learner acquires skills of critical thinking,through identification of the devices,collaboration by sharing the board with all the class members,creativity by putting the devices in there various categories that’s whether primary or secondary and communication.

    I therefore have to start using Pinterest to create boards to help me in my lessons and simplify my teaching.

  5. I will consider making a board to introduce myself to my students. It is something that I have never done before, and neither have my colleagues. If I do so, the first people I want to invite will be the school administrators, and then my students.
    I think Pinterest is a great and versatile teaching tool. The materials on my Pinterest board is for direct instruction. The images serve as set induction and then, the lesson will be followed by the video and a reading of a short passage on endangered species. However, the students will then have the opportunity to work in pairs and research on the importance of protecting endangered species and the efforts taken to protect them. They will then pin what they have found on the board. Students are then asked to reflect on what they have found thus far. Not all the 4Cs will be equally emphasized with this lesson. Critical thinking is present as students think about how effective the efforts to protect the animals are, but the degree of meaning making depends on each individual. Students will also have the chance to discuss with their peers on the choice of article they are going to pin on the board that everyone is working on. So, collaboration is on the list as well. The last C is absent as nothing new is generated from this activity.
    I have also created a board for my Literature class. As students study a poem called “Sads I Am” by Trevor Williams, I would like them to post pictures of discarded and neglected materials to help them understand the poem better. In future, I would like to create a board for additional reading materials or a board with links to language learning websites so that students can do self-access learning.

  6. Pinterest is fun to create and use by all. I find it to be interesting to be able to share useful ideas in the field of education in this platform. This application is more applicable to a teacher than many other social networks like Facebook. Provided that my students have access to internet it is going to make it easy for me to teach mathematics in a more innovative way which also incorporates lots of fun.

    I believe in a student centered approach in teaching. Students participation is paramount in my class. Pinterest gives my students the opportunity to view my pins, discuss them and critique them. They also will have a chance to add their related pins to share amongst themselves. in adding the pins it will require them to carefully select the relevant pins. Members of my mathematics department can as well share their ideas in this platform.

    In Pinterest the 4cs are evident as demonstrated above.

    I strongly believe that the Pinterest application can make mathematics more fun to learn and enhance the four


  7. I believe Pintrest is a great tool and therefore I will most likely use Pintrest to create a board and introduce it to my students . It has a great amount of visually attractive extremely creative objects, something great especially in gauging the influence of young students. I believe supplementing a board for a lesson would be a great idea because its not only incorporating social media into the classroom, which is good for student’s social development, it is also making the classroom technologically a more relevant environment.

    Having students work together to create a board or add to a board on pintrest is great because it allows students to see their works as a collective something good especially for the development of mid level students.

    All of these utilize the 4C’s of collaboration, creative thinking, communication, and creativity. The children have a chance to expand their creative horizon due to all the different extremely creative content. Plus, because there is so much content the student has a chance to be creative in how they utilize the content. Students have the opportunity to communicate not only with other students in the class but students people around the world. This is especially important in creating a diverse and culturally responsive atmosphere. Also, there are a plethora of ways to use pintrest to attain a collaborative goal including having students work together in creating a group board.

  8. 1. A board to introduce myself.
    Title: Apa Khabar
    – Include images depicting my interests.
    – To create a positive learning environment and foster closer relationship between students and the teacher.
    – This board will be used for direct instruction and the teacher will pose prompt questions to encourage students to share information about themselves.

    2. A board for me to share with my students and to supplement a lecture
    Title: Social Issues: Road Accidents
    This board includes videos, images, vocabulary related to road accidents, quizzes & games. This board will be used
    a. for brainstorming slot / activating students’prior knowledge about the topic
    b. as stimulus for cooperative learning activities like 3 step interview & think pair share
    c. to enhance students’ vocabulary through student centered activities like Vocabulary Graffiti & Word Wall Match Up

    3. A board for collaboration with students and colleagues
    Title: Vehicles on road and safety rules.
    This board includes images of different transportation, road safety rules and things to remember as drivers, riders, pedestrians. Students can work in pairs in order to find suitable pins and add to the board.

    4. Group Boards where students can add more pins to that boards.
    Title: Your Road Safety Campaigns (Collaborative grouping)
    Each group has to create a road safety campaign using one of the tools below:
    – Infographic
    – Google slide
    This board allows students to incorporate 4C’s elements in the process of producing the campaigns.

  9. I will make a post on road transport in Uganda and use it during one of my lesson. Using different posts will allow the students to analyze information and I will invoke thinking through posing questions about the different post to allow the students comment. they will get chance to relate different ideas and collaborate. they will also reflect on the current conditions to relate to the future for better plans.

  10. 1. I will definitely use Pinterest in my future classrooms. There are so many things that you can use Pinterest for and it’s great because you can group things into different boards. Pinterest can be used for various uses and will be very helpful in education.

    2. There will definitely be instances that I would create a board and share it with students to supplement a lecture. I think it would be helpful for students to see the various ways that technology can be used in education, rather than just using it for social media.

    3. Yes I would use a board for collaboration because it would allow all students to combine their ideas and give their opinion and view on a topic. It would be useful because of how diverse Pinterest can be.

    4. No, I don’t think I would do this because of how fickle technology can be. So far, after experiencing the technical difficulties in our class, I don’t want to make students add to a board because of how difficult it is.

  11. 1. I think creating a Pinterest board to introduce myself to my students is a creative way to
    “get myself out there”. This allows the teacher to use a different approach that may stick with the student more effectively than just the typical first day of school speech.
    2. I will definitely make boards to share with my students. In fact, the telling time board was the first board I had ever created, and I could not believe all of the great ideas I was able to obtain. I think that this website allows endless opportunities to create and share meaningful lesson plans and ideas.
    3. I think that a collaborative board is definitely a possibility for my future class. Since I am an early childhood educator, it would depend on the grade level I am teaching, but I think a board where I can share ideas with the students parents would be a great way to supply an open communication system.
    4. Again, it will all depend on the grade level at which I teach, but if possible I think it would be a cool and interactive way to get all of the students involved. I think Pinterest has many dimensions which allows many opportunities for teachers and students.

  12. Knowing this on-line application is really a god source for teaching. With the variety of choices, teachers can select the best resource to be utilized in classroom discussion in order to facilitate learning. I am grateful and thankful to Dr. Machado for sharing this for all us.

    Personally, I will use this in my classes and will introduce also to my colleagues in the Philippines especially to Dueñas General Comprehensive High School, Division of Iloilo. This “batis” (sources) provides a diversity of topics and interests not only for students but for teachers, educational leaders, and administrators. Likewise, using this application shall connect you to the main resources to avoid infringement and plagiarism.

    I really recommend this to all teachers and educators in the field.

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