White Allies: Please Don’t Call Me “Sister”

Black Millennials

In this intersectional movement for Black liberation, white allies are a necessary cohort given their privilege and access. White allies, when organized effectively, send a powerful message to the mainstream: that the cause for racial justice and equity is valid, credible, and tangible.

The dynamic of white allyship and solidarity is a complicated one; white people benefit exorbitantly from racism, thus have no reason to change or dismantle structural mechanisms meant to keep us Black folk locked in the underclass. The benefits they’ve reaped from uneven and skewed race relations are bountiful. Hence, their inclusion in racial justice spaces provoke confusion, distrust, ambiguity, and hardship .

There’s a lot of things that trouble me about white allies. From self-interest to miseducation, white allies are a provocative distraction who require precious resources in the form of time and capacity. Fortunately, there are white allies well-versed in the craft, and are taking responsibility for education and…

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