What Can We Do About This? 82% are Depressed!

WJU EdTech

On the counter at work this morning was the February 13, 2015 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education. This is what I saw:

FullSizeRender (1)

Seriously – does that freak you out a bit?It does me! 82% driven but depressed? Yikes. Those are scary statistics.  The  survey found that college students party less…BUT worry more about money. While they are worrying about money and their course load, they are driven to reach higher levels of financial success. “Freshmen who indicated they wanted to earn a doctorate or professional degree also was at a new peak.”(Click here to read more.)”The survey suggests that the incoming freshmen ‘were buckling down prior to college and taking their academics more seriously,’ said Kevin Eagan, interim managing director of UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, which has administered the poll for 49 years.” My own son fits right into this category because he has…

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