PETA Ad Compares KKK to Kennels

Black Millennials

PETA, the powerful and widely recognized animal rights group, wants us to know how terrible kennels are. So, they did so by equating kennels with the Ku Klux Klan. Yea…that Ku Klux Klan; the same domestic terrorist organization that, for centuries, raped, mutilated, and lynched Black people with the blessing and support of local, state, and even federal government.

Do I really need to explain why this ad is remarkably offensive? Guess so, because we live in a society in which decision makers with time, capacity, and funding at their disposal, green light a lazy project that relies on egregious racial contention to deliver its message.

To even suggest that animal abuse is on par with centuries of racialized terrorism that Black people faced at the hands of the Klan is beyond disconcerting.

That’s the core issue with the animal rights movement; a force that is largely crafted by and targeted towards upper middle class…

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