Meet 6 new speakers just added to the TED2015 speaker lineup

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Speakers-v2TED2015 promises to be our most provocative, thought-flipping conference yet. And we’ve added a few new speakers and performers to the lineup to join us March 16-20 in Vancouver. Below, a little introduction.

Chris Urmson develops self-driving cars that thrive in both urban and off-roading environments. As the Director of Self-Driving Cars at Google[x], his team has developed cars that have driven over three quarters of a million miles. He joins Session 3: “Machines That Learn.”

Rony Abovitz will speak in Session 6, “Radical Reframe.” At his startup Magic Leap, he aims to create magical digital experiences that integrate with the real world when you don a special set of glasses.

Daredevil Chuck Berry wasn’t a pioneer of rock n’ roll — but he was the first person to skydive using only a tent. The winner of our public callout for a talk on how wearable cameras are changing adventure

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