Kickstarter Sheds Some Light On The Mechanics Of Its Semi-Automated Review Process


Kickstarter has provided a look at how the reconfigured review system the put in place last year has worked out for them, providing some counterarguments to the opinion held in some corners of the Internet that Kickstarter has done away with a review system entirely, throwing open the gates to the wildlings of the north and other nefarious characters. In fact, Kickstarter says that the new process still results in the vast majority of projects submitted getting in front of human eyes, based on over six months’ worth of data.

The system uses an algorithm as a first line of automated review, which is designed to select for things that are mostly cookie-cutter and overwhelmingly likely to get the nod form a real person anyway, according to the site. That means that of 69,015 submissions made since the introduction of this system, 27,897 were cleared by the algorithm for direct activation, and…

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