MIDL321 Memo to Parents

The virtual word is rich with learning opportunities. Teachers need to help students and parents to harness the potential of this wonderful resource in a safe, secure way. Read Jones and Park’s chapter Virtual Worlds: Young Children using the Internet and Heider’s Cybersafety in Early Childhood: What Parents and Educators Need to Know. Write a Memo to Parents explaining the benefits of using technology and the ways in which you plan to work with them to keep their children safe. Use example memos available online to guide your thinking Post your memo here. Be prepared to share your memo in class. Please read the memos posted by your peers and engage in a dialogue. .


16 thoughts on “MIDL321 Memo to Parents

  1. MEMO

    To: Parents

    From: Ms. Murphy

    Date: January 2015

    Re: Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

    Using technology in the classroom is extremely beneficial to the students. Using technology promotes creativity, visual and digital literacies and critical thinking skills. It also supports students with disabilities and promotes more student engagement. The students find using the white board or touch screen technology to be more interesting and it helps the teachers involve the students interactively.

    Another advantage of technology in the classroom is its flexibility and adaptability to differentiated learners. Technology allows the students to learn at their own pace and gives them freedom to relearn past information. All skills that are being used will be critical for students to learn as they enter the workforce or college.

    Although technology can be beneficial, it can be a risk. The United States has created many laws to help protect your children from online danger. In addition, I am personally taking precautionary measurements with technology in my classroom. I have already familiarized myself with the applications and dangers of all technology. I will dedicate one class to go over the policies and procedures with the students that must be known before using the technology.

    1. I like that you mentioned the laws that protect children from online danger. I think it would help a lot to put parents’ minds at ease! Also good to mention having a class to teach the students the policies regarding technology use.

  2. Dear Parent(s),

    Your child is a 21st century learner! What does this mean? Well, technology today is more pervasive than ever. Computers and mobile devices put information right at our fingertips. You name it—software, internet, text, images, videos, music, etc.—is all just a click away. When teachers and students tap into this digital realm, the beneficial opportunities are endless! I believe that technology provides invaluable tools for your child to engage in many creative and academic endeavors. Furthermore, as young students learn to utilize technology, they are forming a foundation for future successes in our global society. Therefore, media literacy is consistently promoted in our classroom!

    This year, as we dive into the technology available to us, numerous learning styles will be supported. Online investigations will present us with photos, videos, and documents to enhance our knowledge. For example, as we journey on “virtual field trips,” your child will visit and experience places both near and far. An array of projects will motivate your child to assemble custom creations that truly shine with his/her personality. Individuals and groups will explore academic units in an exciting way, tackling new and thought-provoking tasks.

    Though technology supplies countless advantages, internet safety is a top priority in the classroom. To ensure your child’s privacy and comfort, we will have a number of guidelines in place. Students will learn the following:
    1) Never give out their personal information
    2) Never accept messages or open files from people they do not know
    3) Information found online is not always reliable
    4) Tell a trusted adult if any online occurrence makes them scared or uncomfortable
    5) Never physically meet someone from online without a guardian’s permission and
    After discussing the rules of online use, your child will come home with an agreement contract. I ask that you and your child will review, sign, and return the contract as soon as possible.

    I sincerely encourage you to enforce similar safety guidelines at home. The Family Online Safety Institute (www.fosi.org) is just one of many helpful resources available to you. Please know that I am happy to answer questions or provide additional resources to assist in any way. I cannot wait to work with your child, as he/she becomes a skilled 21st century learner!
    Miss M

    1. I really liked how you began the memo with explaining why the parents child is a 21st century learner. Another great feature I noticed was how you listed what the students should not do when using the technology. I thought the memo was very informative.

  3. 26th January 2015

    Dear Parents and Carers

    I would like to inform you that your children will be given the opportunity to utilize technology in the classroom this upcoming marking period. Recent studies have shown that children introduced to technology at a young age score substantially higher on standardized cognitive development tests. It is my responsibility to inform you of the benefits that come with using this technology to teach your children.

    As I already mentioned children who are introduced to this technology have scored higher on standardized cognitive development tests, but they also gain a skill that is becoming essential in this modern world. Technology will be a critical part of the education system for years to come and it would be extremely beneficial to the students to become acquainted to the technology now. Studies have also proven that children can also improve their literacy simply by using technology at a young age.

    Along with the cognitive and literacy benefits that come with using technology, students will also be able to explore virtual worlds as well as take part in virtual field trips. The experience of exploring a virtual world can be enjoyed in the classroom as well as in the students spare time. Virtual worlds are becoming a playground to many children in the world. Virtual field trips can be used to teach students about locations that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see for themselves. Virtual field trips provide students a rich educational experience as well as the ability to interact with professionals.

    As parents, the safety of your children is very important to you. Utilizing technology in the classroom is extremely beneficial, but there are some issues that you need to be aware of. Children using the internet can be lulled into a false sense of security. Supervision will be given when the students are utilizing the technology so that we can avoid this issue. Some other dangers that could be of concern when the students are using the internet is inappropriate content, commercialism, and dangers with online play.

    Students in the classroom will be utilizing this technology under supervision and I assure you that there is nothing to worry about. This opportunity could change the way that they learn and provide a foundation for their future education.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Mr. Galczynski

  4. To: Parents of my students
    From: Ms. Brigid Louis
    Date: January 28, 2015
    Subject: The Benefits of Technology in the Classroom
    I am writing this memo to inform parents how useful technology can be in the classroom. Technology helps students learn in new, fun ways that simply cannot be done without technology. The technologies we use in the classroom are important to expose your children to in order to help them learn. Whether we like it or not, children are using technology and are very interested in it. By using technology in the classroom, we are making them more excited about learning.
    Technology can be used for many things in the classroom. We can use technology as a tool for students to do research, play academic games, as visual aids, and many other things. Since children are so good at using technology and are so interested in it, using technology in the classroom makes learning easier and more enjoyable. Using technology in the classroom can be helpful to teach students with different learning abilities. Technology has endless possibilities to help children learn no matter how they learn the best. These are only a few things that technology can be used for in the classroom.
    I realize that many parents are concerned about cyber safety; however, there are ways that our children can be shielded from unsafe things on the internet. One thing that is important to remember when being fearful of technology danger is that there are laws that protect your children. Websites have to follow these rules and the laws do their best to make sure nothing inappropriate will appear on the screen of children. In addition to these laws, it is a good idea to have a serious talk with them about how to stay safe on the internet. Remind them to never give out their name, address, phone number, or anything else that might be personal. Although your child could think he or she is safe and talking to someone he or she knows nobody can be positive who they are talking to behind the computer screen. In addition to these things, try to spend time with your child on the internet so you are able to be a good role model for them. At home, keep your computer in a common place in your house where you can see what your child is doing. Lastly, continue to educate yourself and your children about internet safety.
    All of these factors are very important and we take them very seriously at our school. Your children will be carefully monitored to make sure they are staying on task during school and only working on classwork. I plan to be very specific when allowing them to use the computer. I will give websites that they are allowed to use and make sure that they do not wander from the websites that are approved. Using technology in the classroom is only used for academic purposes and will help your children learn more and become more successful in the classroom.

  5. Dear Parents and Guardians,
    I am aware that the children in today’s society thoroughly enjoy using technology. I, as their teacher, want to incorporate some of the things that they enjoy into our classroom. I think it is incredibly important to utilize the technology that has been created for us. However, I want to ensure that this technology is used in a safe, courteous, and appropriate manner.
    I will give my students the opportunity to create blogs, as a way to share their graded writing assignments and some journal entries that I have found to be very well written. I will show the students how to keep their blogs private amongst our class. I encourage you to keep a journal of your own and bring writing into your lives. This will help you connect with your child and relate to what we are doing in the classroom. Talk to your students and ask them to share some of their blogs or blogging ideas with you. This will motivate them to use WordPress and enjoy their writing assignments.
    I will be monitoring the students’ blogs and comments on other classmates’ blogs. Therefore, students will be required to be courteous of each other, and will be punished if they break this rule. I expect students to be respectful of each other in the classroom, online, and outside of school. I have a zero excuse policy for disrespectfulness. Also, there will be no inappropriateness. Before students blog their writing, I will request that they show me their outline or journal entry, so I can ensure the appropriateness of the work. If the students show inappropriateness in their blogs, I will punish them accordingly.
    As for you, I have set up a Facebook account under the name, Miss Jordan Wade. This is open for you as the guardians to be informed of important, upcoming events. You are also able to use this as a way to communicate any questions or concerns you may have. I also have a professional Twitter account, @misswadeps42, where I will allow students to follow me. I will tweet reminders of homework, quizzes, and tests. Hopefully this will help students be motivated and keep their attention. You can always contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!
    Miss Wade

    1. I think it’s awesome that you gave such a specific example, the blog. I was more general in my memo, but I think it’s really good that you were specific with the parents. I also think it’s great that you gave the parents your Facebook and Twitter account.

  6. MEMO
    To: Parent/ Gaurdians
    From: Mr. Bair
    Subject: Technology in the Classroom
    We all have seen technology grown right in front of our eyes over the past years and I know most of you have heard the phrase “Technology is the answer.” Well if technology is the answer what was the question. Your children have the most comprehensive tool at their disposal at their fingertips at any moment. However, it is our job to teach them how to properly use this tool effectively and appropriately. Technology is growing at a unimaginable rate and somehow our teens seem to always be current and able to manipulate technology at their will. This is something that I am going to use to my advantage. In my classroom we will be using various sites to enhance your students learning. these sites will go anywhere to the students writing a private blog that only myself and other classmates will be able to see. I will also be using several other technologies that the students are used to so that I can keep them more engaged at what is being taught. As a parent I know you want to keep your student(s) as safe as possible online, I do too. This is why I will do my best to teach your children the knowledge to stay safe on the internet and with technology. Your student s textbook will be available as a hard copy if they choose or I do have the book as an E-book so that the students do not have to carry such a large book to and from school. It is important for your student(s) to learn how to have a positive presence online and I will teach them the skills that they need to be able to have that so that they can represent themselves appropriately.

  7. Dear Parent or Guardian,

    I would like to inform you of some exciting new tools that your child will be introduced to in my classroom this coming school year. As you may be aware, our current society is very driven by technology. Many of us use it for work and recreation on a daily basis. I strongly believe that children should be given opportunities, while they are young, to explore these different means of technology. Utilizing them is not just a method of taking a different route to learning. There are many benefits for the student! Not only will it aid in cognitive and literacy development, but students will be gaining skills that will be essential to their future success in school and continuing on with their desired career path.

    Also, I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you what types of technology we will be using in my classroom this year. You will find this information on the second page of this letter. I have composed a list of the different manipulatives that we will be using, how we will be implementing them, and what projects we will be creating with their aid. The children will have access to the published, finished products and you may view them at any time.

    Finally, we will be taking photographs, videos , and audio recordings for many of our projects and posting them on a private and secure class blog. All students will be referred to on a first name basis only. However, if you are not comfortable with your child’s photograph and name being published online, please mark that choice on the permission slip enclosed with this letter and return it to the school. Please know that no child will be made to feel left out if they are not permitted to be published. We will keep everyone involved! Also, please be assured that before we begin any assignment, students will be reminded of our training and rules regarding internet safety and education. All internet-related projects that the students are working on, as with anything, will be closely monitored by myself.

    Thank you for your cooperation! As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you over the next year to help your child conquer all future endeavors and flourish in their learning!

    Miss Bence

    1. I really like the idea of posting your projects online on a blog and asking the parents for their approval. I believe a lot of parents feel as if they are not involved within their students learning and this is a great way to involve them.

    2. You put together a great memo! I like how you said that you have provided them with a list of tools and their corresponding projects. I am also a fan of utilizing photography and film in the classroom! Overall, you covered many important points in an organized and concise manner.

  8. Dear Parents/Guardians,

    The children of today are carrying a great weight on their shoulders. This weight is known as technology. Technology can help students through their journey of education or hinder them in the learning process. In my class i will prepare the students to use technology in a variety of ways so that they can squeeze every last drop of information from the tree of knowledge. A blog will be used to keep students and parents in touch with the homework and important dates that are needed for a smooth school year. The use of technology will increase throughout the year as the students get more comfortable with each piece of technology their knowledge and abilities will grow. I hope that this memo will help in the understanding of the uses of technology that your children will be learning this year.

    Mr. Kovatch

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